Heel Heights & Dyeable Wide Width


DYEABLE SHOE STORE offers a large variety of fashionable, dyeable women’s shoes including formal evening shoes, designer Bridal Shoes, prom shoes and Wedding Shoes for the bridal party by leading designers.

For almost four decades the Dyeable Shoe Store has been offering exceptional pricing on products like dyeable Handbags, Sandals, Pumps, Flats, Platforms, and Sling Backs. We also carry Wedding Accessories.

Below is additional information on choosing dyeable formal shoes, bridal shoes, prom shoes and women’s Evening Shoes based on heel heights, fit, plus Wide, Double Wide, and Narrow shoe widths.

How Heel Height Measurements Work

The heel heights for our selection of women’s formal shoes, bridal shoes, prom shoes and wedding party shoes are all measured to the inside of the heel and not the back of the heel. This heel measurement conforms to how shoe manufacturers measure heel heights. Be aware that this standard of measuring heel heights will add about a half an inch (in actual height) to the listed heel height for all shoe products.

The Larger The Shoe Size, The Higher The Heel Height

Heel heights are actually determined by the size of the shoe. The larger the bridal shoes, prom shoes or women’s formal shoes, the larger the actual heel height – essentially the heel height gets proportionately higher. For instance, if one were to order a woman’s formal shoe in size 6 (with a heel height of 1 inch), the heel height on a size 11 shoe (in the same style) would be approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch higher to accommodate for the size difference.

Women’s Formal Shoes: Width & Fit

Many of our women’s formal shoes, designer bridal shoes, wedding party shoes and dyeable prom shoes that are listed on this site are available in multiple widths. Click the following to see actual shoe products in women’s formal, prom and bridal shoes for Wide or Narrow shoe widths.

Shoe widths are coded accordingly:

  • N – Narrow Width or AA
  • M = Medium Width or B
  • W = Wide Width or D
  • WW = Double Wide Width or EE