Dyeable handbags, any color you desire!

Dyeable Handbags will add the finishing touch to any outfit that needs a clean cohesive look. With dyeable handbags, the focus will stay on you and your dress and not on your accessories. When your shoes and handbag match the base color of your dress they tend to draw less attention than metallic accessories that are often chosen as a last minute decision. If your dress is very simple, you may want to add a pop of color with your accessories to create a wow factor. A dyeable handbag and shoes can be a great vehicle for introducing a splash of color to a simple yet fun ensemble. Our Dyeable Handbags are specially designed to absorb the dyes to give a brilliant sophisticated finish. The dyeable handbags are made with a patented material to ensure consistent color throughout. After a special event you may choose to send the shoes or bag back to us to be dyed a darker color or black for greater use!