Custom Wedding Shoes Dyed To Match Your Dress & Handbag

Custom dye your wedding shoes to match your dress

Have Your Wedding Shoes Dyed to Match Your Wedding Dress

wedding shoes dyed to matchThe Dyeable Shoe Store carries hundreds of different styles of women’s fashionable bridal shoes including designer Wedding Shoes that can be Custom Dyed to match your wedding gown.

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Check out our great selection of dyeable wedding shoes by such leading shoe designers as Coloriffics, Touch Ups, Nina, Dyeables, Colorful Creations, Benjamin Adams, Alisha Hill, Grace and Liz Rene Couture.

Most of our designer wedding shoes come in dyeable ivory or white and are available in narrow or wide widths. The following styles of dyeable wedding shoes can be dyed to match your gown and/or handbag.

We also carry a great selection of Lucite (Clear) Shoes plus Handbags that can be custom dyed to match your wedding shoes and gown.

Custom Dyeing

Our master dyer has over 20 years experience. If you cannot find a local bridal salon (or shoe repair shop) to have your dyeable wedding shoes dyed to match your bridal gown, call us Toll Free 1-888-DYE-ABLE (393-2253) between the hours of 10-5 pm (eastern standard time).

Please call or send us an Email regarding your custom dye order. When dyeable wedding shoes are properly dyed to match your dress, your shoes will make a beautiful accessory on your very special day.

Wedding shoes can be dyed to match for the entire bridal party creating a consistent color theme between your flower girl, bridesmaids and trainbearer. Dyeing wedding shoes to match is an art and requires the personal and professional attention that we are renowned for. Our dye is custom mixed.

For more information about custom dyeing wedding shoes (or handbags) to match your wedding gown please call the Dyeable Shoe Store Toll Free at 1-888-DYE-ABLE (393-2253) or E-Mail Us.

28 thoughts on “Custom Wedding Shoes Dyed To Match Your Dress & Handbag

  1. Irene Califano says:

    Can I send in a swatch of my mother of the bride dress so the shoes can match my dress exactly? The color chart does not have the color that I need. My wedding is June 2, 2017. Please let me know asap.
    Thank You

    • Ron Davis says:

      Hi Irene,
      Yes, we would love to custom make your color, that is our specialty! If you have not already ordered shoes from our site,choose “Custom Color” from the drop down menu after picking a style. In the checkout process, there is a section for you to provide us any details (wedding date, is the event indoor or outdoor. when you need them back). After you finish placing the order you can send your sample to the address listed on the bottom of your email confirmation. Feel free to call us with any questions. We want to impress you with our customer service.
      Thank you,

      Ron Davis

  2. Stephanie Swan says:


    I recently purchased non-dyed shoes from your website in order to check the size and fit before having them dyed. Now I would like to have them dyed one of the colors you offer. What is the best way to accomplish this?

    Thank you,

    • ron says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      Just send them back with the yellow form that is in or on the box. We will charge the original card you used when you placed the order. Feel free to give me a call with any questions.
      Kindest regards,


  3. lauren says:

    I have a pair of wedges that I absolutely love that I got from someone else for $20. They are the color grey and I really want to use them for my wedding. Is there anyway that you’ll could dye them for my wedding if I sent them in?

    • ron davis says:

      Hi Lauren,
      They are most likely not made of a dyeable material. Give me a call and I can gather more information on the shoes. 508-653-6063

  4. Pamela says:

    Hi – I’m looking to wear a pair of dyed green shoes for my wedding ceremony outside. Will the dye run if they get wet? If so, will this just color my feet or is there a chance of staining my bridal gown? Just wondering in case we have rain that day.
    Thank you

    • Sarah Whiting says:

      Hi Pamela,
      The dye will run or bleed if they get wet. Most likely the dye will just get onto your feet, but it will also ruin the look of the shoe. However, we do sell a can of water repellent spray that is a quick and easy solution. The can of spray has been tested by our store and works wonderfully. It is only $8 and we like to say it is “insurance”, just in case. You can spray the shoes the day of the wedding, as a last minute decision. The can of spray will waterproof several shoes and works on other types of shoes, such as uggs. The only downfall to waterproofing the shoes is that you cannot re dye them in the future. Some brides like to dye their shoes black after the wedding, so they can re-wear the shoes. However, our dye is water based and will not re dye after being sprayed. I hope this answers all of your questions. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day.

    • ron davis says:

      Hi Javiera,
      Thank you for inquiring about our dyeing service. We typically like about week to get the dyeing done but can rush dye shoes in as little as a day if needed. For items dyed to outdoor lighting we ask for a little bit more time depending on the weather pattern as we actually go outside to match the color and like to do that on sunny days. Feel free to call us with any questions, we love to offer that one on one level of service.
      Enjoy your shoes,

  5. Catherine says:

    Hi Ron,
    I am getting married and I would like to purchase dyeable shoes, however I have never purchased shoes without trying them on first. How can I ensure that my shoes will fit properly?
    Thanks so much!

    • ron davis says:

      Hi Catherine,
      I would suggest trying them on first (place the order for the shoes to be shipped undyed). You will receive a yellow form with the order to either Custom Dye, Exchange or return the shoes. This dose cost a little more in shipping but will prevent you from having shoes that do not fit. Please feel free to call me with any questions. 508-653-6063. Look forward to making your shoes special!
      Thank you,

    • ron davis says:

      Hi Porsche,
      That would depend on the brand of shoes and material they are made out off. Give me a call to go over the details.

  6. Porsche Lawrence says:

    I have ivory satin shoes that I need dyed for a wedding. Can I send them to you to be dyed? Also can they be dyed two different colors?

    • ron davis says:

      Hi Porsche,
      We will gladly dye shoes purchased elsewhere but we cannot grantee that the style you send is made to be dyed. Two colors should not pose a problem. Please call me at our store so we can discuss the details. Look forward to working with you.

      Ron Davis

  7. Theresa says:

    I want to buy durable shoes from your store to match my bridesmaid dress,
    My problem is that I don’t have a swatch of material
    And I don’t know how to tell you the color???
    Do you have swatches of shoe colors you can send me and I will pick the correct color after I hold it against my dress?

    • ron davis says:

      Hi Theresa,
      Give me a call. I would be glad to help you find the perfect shoes. This is probably easier over the phone.
      Best wishes,

      Ron Davis

  8. Barbara says:

    If I send you a color sample from a dress I’m wearing to a wedding can you match that color on the shoes? I would be ordering the shoes from you. Thanks

    • ron davis says:

      Hi Barbara,
      Absolutely! We specialize in custom building colors to specific fabrics. Give us a call and I can go over all the details.

  9. Travon Hawthrone says:

    Good Morning!
    Can you dye faux suede shoes? The material says leather but they feel like suede. See details below. Would love them dyed red.

    High heel shoe
    Closed pointy toe
    Stiletto heel
    Buckle closure

    Upper: Leather
    Lining: Synthetic
    Sole: Rubber

    Heel Height: 4”

    • Lisa Davis says:

      Hi Evelyn,

      Unfortunately, they can not be dyed. Thank you so much for the question, have a great day!


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