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Important facts about dyeing shoes

Dyed shoes are not waterproof

The dyes are water-soluble and will bleed or stain if exposed to moisture. When you custom dye bridal and prom footwear, you can protect your shoes with a water repellent spray (which says on the label: “will not alter shoe color”). The spray will prevent most staining but will not make your bridal or prom shoes waterproof. Please be aware that once sprayed, the shoes cannot be re-dyed. You may want to keep your spray on hand in case of inclement weather and wait to spray the shoes until the day of your event if deemed necessary.

There is a difference between indoor and outdoor lighting

Ultraviolet light in the natural light spectrum will cause the color of your dyed bridal or prom shoes to look different outdoors from indoors. The color will also appear different between shaded areas and direct sun light. We suggest choosing the lighting where you will be most during the event. Please note that all professional cameras have a UV light filter in them therefore, do not base your lighting decision on where your pictures will be taken. Your pictures will look great no matter what light you are in!

Matching Colors

When dyeing shoes it is not always possible to get a perfect color match due to the textural differences between the shoe fabric and the dress material being matched (unless your shoes were made from the same fabric as the dress). A custom dye job by a master dyer can ensure that your bridal or proms shoes will be dyed properly to blend as close to the hue and depth of color as humanly possible.

How do I go about having my shoes dyed?

The best way to go about the dye process is to order the shoes online in white. Try them on to make sure they fit, then send them back to us with a swatch to be dyed. If you do not want to try the shoes on before having them dyed, simply give us a call and we can place your order over the phone for you. We will hold the shoes here while you ship us your swatch, then dye them and ship them out to you. Either way, a standard dye charge is $12.00 (providing the shoes were purchased from us) and takes about a week. A rush dye job is $25.00 (providing the shoes were purchased from us) and can be done within a day if necessary.


All dyed work is FINAL SALE and NOT WATERPROOF!
If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email!


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