dyeable bridal shoes
dyeable bridal shoes
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dyeable bridal shoes
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Peep Toe Bridal Shoes & Prom Shoes
Plus Peek-A-Boo Open Toe Evening Shoes

"I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.” Oprah Winfrey

2012 promises to be another great year for peep toe shoes. Also known as peek-a-boo shoes, these women’s open toe shoes are great for any season and always seem to remain at the forefront of the most fashion conscious.


History of Peep Toe Shoes/

What makes peep toes shoes so unique is the opening at the front of the shoes, showing only part (not all) of the toe line. Peep toe shoes made their debut in the 1930's when glamorous movie stars like Greta Garbo wore them to show off just a hint of toe. Eventually, they took on a more matronly look, but that peek-a-boo style enjoyed resurgence in the 1980's.

There is just something irresistible about an open toe, peep toe shoe…it can be chic and yet vampy at the same time. Peep toe shoes have never been as popular as they are now and are simply fabulous shoes. No matter where they are worn, peek-a-boo style peep toes make ideal footwear for bridal shoes, prom shoes and for formal evening wear.

Ava peek a boo shoe

Peep Toe Bridal Shoes

Ask the Dyeable Shoe Store about custom dyeing peep toe shoes for your entire wedding party. We carry a great selection of elegant peep toe bridal shoes including peep toe pump shoes, peep toe sling back shoes and peep toe sandal shoes. We also carry dyeable handbags and wedding accessories.

peep toe bridal shoes

Peep Toe Prom Shoes

Look your best at your 2012 prom and spend as much time as you want on the dance floor in the comfort of peep toe ballet flats. We also have a great selection of open toe peek-a-boo slides, sling backs and pumps plus peep toe platform shoes and high heel peep toe shoes. Be sure to check out Carmen by Benjamin Adams. Made from duchesse silk and adorned with stunning Swarovski crystals, this magnificent peep toe wedge shoe is definitely worth taking a look at.

 dyeable shoes

Peep Toe Evening Shoes

Style, sophistication, elegance and comfort, these are the qualities found in our selection of designer peek-a-boo style peep toe evening shoes. Check out our factory pre-dyed peep toe shoes or ask about our dyeable peep toe shoes.

peep toe evening shoes

Dyeable Shoe Store

The Dyeable Shoe Store is a bridal prom shop with almost four decades of service experience specializing in dyeable bridal shoes and dyeable prom shoes. We carry peek-a-boo style peep toe shoes by many of today’s top bridal and prom shoe designers:

Coloriffics Peep Toe Shoes                                  Colorful Creations Peep Toe Shoes
Dyeables Peep Toe Shoes                                   Touch Ups Peep Toe Shoes
Alisha Hill Peep Toe Shoes                                  Benjamin Adams Peep Toe Shoes
Liz Rene Couture Peep Toe Shoes

Nowadays, you'll find trendy looks from peep toe ballet flats to high heeled peep toe wedges. You can also order dyeable bridal or prom shoes by width. For advice and tips, check out our information pages on heel heights and choosing shoe fabrics and textures.

For more information about peek-a-boo style peep toe shoes or for ordering information, please call us direct, Toll Free at 1-888-DYE-ABLE (393-2253) or send us an email.

dyeable shoes Touch ups - dyeable shoes Wedding Shoes Liz Rene Couture bridal, prom, dyeable and wedding shoes bridal shoes bridal party shoes prom shoes

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