Dyeable shoes are the perfect solution to getting the color you desire in the shoe style you love. Dyeable shoes provide a great solution to having one consistent color within a bridal party while letting the participants pick shoe styles they are comfortable with and then having the colors match perfectly. Offering many different shoe styles while keeping with your color theme is sure to look great in photographs. Dyeableshoestore.com specializes in custom dyeing the shoes of your choices to any color you can imagine. All of our dyeable shoes are made of patented fabrics that are designed to absorb dye evenly. It is a mistake to assume that all fabric shoes are dyeable. If a shoe is not manufactured out of the proper material, it will not absorb the dye evenly, and it may ruin the shoe. With hundreds of styles to choose from, picking the shoes of your dreams will be effortless. Our dye specialists carefully formulate every dye lot to make sure your shoes look amazing . With over 30 years of experience in the dyeing business, you can trust us with making your shoes perfect for your special day.