dyeable bridal shoes
dyeable bridal shoes
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dyeable bridal shoes
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Dyeable Bridal Party Shoes for the Whole Wedding Party

No matter what your bridal party theme is or how many bridesmaids you have in your wedding party, the bridal party shoes are an integral part of their bridal party attire. This means that the bridal party footwear you pick out for them will be a big decision!

Here is a bridal party checklist for determining what might work best for your bridal party wedding shoes.

Dyeable Bridal Party Footwear

Choosing dyeable bridal party shoes is a great way to ensure that your bridal party footwear will all match each other perfectly. You can also have your bridal party shoes dyed to match the bridesmaids’ gowns and handbags or dyed to match your bride shoes. Colored bridal party shoes are definitely in and dyeable bridal party shoes will allow you to express your individuality, especially if you are a bride who is a little more daring and love bold colors.

Bridal Party Shoes in the Same Style

The most traditional way to select a bridal party shoe is to choose the style you like best and have your bridesmaids order the same shoe. Bridal party shoes in the same style present a much more uniform look in wedding photos and ensure that you achieve the look you are going for on your wedding day. However, if you have bridesmaids who do not normally wear heels and you choose a high heeled bridal party shoe, some of the girls may have trouble walking in the shoe you choose; bridal party flats may be better. You might also want to consider height when choosing a style of bridal party shoe. If you have one bridesmaid who is much taller than the others, she may be uncomfortable in a high heel.

Same Style but Different Heel Heights

The best way to make sure your bridesmaids all look the same but are comfortable as well is to choose bridal party shoes in the same style that come in multiple heel heights. Many styles of bridal party shoes are available in different heel heights so that each bridesmaid will look identical from the front, but will have whichever height works best for her. Note that the bridal party shoe with one heel height normally has a different name than its higher or lower counterpoint. For instance, take a look at the Touch Ups Abby, Nadia, and Flash. This is a great bridal party shoe! Dyeables Natalie, Daisy, Fiesta and Erica shoes are the largest and most diverse collection of bridal party shoes. There is even a dyeable wedge…see Pride by Colorful Creations!

Bridal Party Shoes in Different Styles

Recently, many brides have allowed their bridesmaids to choose their own bridal party shoes.  If your girls have great taste and you want them to express their individuality through their footwear, you can suggest that they choose whichever bridal party shoe they want. You probably want to ask them to buy shoes which are all the same material so that there is some consistency when dyeing the bridal party footwear. (See Dyeing Tips for Dyeable Shoes) You also might want to create guidelines for which styles of bridal party shoes they can choose from. Telling the girls to each pick out a strappy sandal, a closed toe pump, or a wedge will give some uniformity to their ensembles. 

Help Choosing Bridal Party Shoes

Talk to us at the Dyeable Shoe Store for all your bridal party supplies and accessories including dyeable bridal party handbags and footwear.

No matter how you choose to style the bridal party shoes, setting up a bridal party card is the easiest and best way to keep track of the bridesmaids’ shoes. This takes the pressure off of you to organize everyone. The Dyeable Shoe Store can update you on who has ordered their bridal party shoes and who hasn't. We can attach your swatch to the card and dye all the shoes together in one dye lot. We can even ship the shoes direct to the bridesmaids once they are done!

Remember, the most successful brides are those who consider the comfort level of each bridesmaid and choose bridal party shoes accordingly!

To learn more about choosing bridal party shoes or for help choosing bridal party accessories and footwear please call us Toll free at 1-800-DYE-ABLE (393-2253) or Email the Dyeable Shoe Store.

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